Which Samsung Galaxy smartphone to buy? Our reviews! September 2022

Which Samsung Galaxy smartphone to buy

Samsung cuts and goes upmarket on the Galaxy A series, Galaxy S, and the extensive Note. Releases and renewals are frequent, without the previous smartphones leaving the shelves. It’s pretty specific to this brand; old star references commonly remain on the shelves for two or three years, steadily dropping in price, until they compete and surpass newer but […]

How to Adjust the Sound of a Samsung Galaxy

How to Adjust the Sound of a Samsung Galaxy

How to adjust the Sound of a Samsung Galaxy The default sound of your Samsung Galaxy does not give you complete satisfaction. Several built-in tools and tweaks can remedy this. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are known for their wealth of features, which allow personalization of use down to the smallest detail. In particular, settings and functions […]

How is 5G Coverage Evolving? Who is Ahead?

How is 5G coverage evolving

It took almost a decade to see 5G become a reality. The deployment of fixed 5G began in 2018 in certain European cities. Mobile 5G is becoming more and more effective, and operators are planning more complete deployments of this network in 2020. You wonder what 5G is and if you will see it the […]

Mobile Phone Battery The Complete Guide

Mobile Phone Battery The Complete Guide

With the widespread use of mobile phone battery, it’s no surprise that batteries are becoming an issue. This guide will discuss the different types of batteries, how they work, and how you can extend their life. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to care for your battery and keep it running optimally. […]

Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro hands-on

Vivo X80 & X80 Pro hands-on with real camera photos

Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro hands-on (with real camera photos) In this post we take a look at the Vivo X80 and X80 Pro, two new smartphones from Vivo, which come with a 6.7-inch 1080p display and are powered by MediaTek chipsets. Let’s get to these two phones directly.   vivo X80/Pro design comparison […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review – Better than the Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review - Better than the Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review – Better than the Ultra? The Samsung Galaxy S22 is probably the best S22 series to buy. A device is just as powerful as the S22 Ultra in a more portable and sleek form. While most are focused on its more expensive and bigger siblings, it is easy to miss just […]

Apple iPhone 11 Review: Still an iPhone for Everyone?

Apple iPhone 11 review Still an iPhone for everyone

At launch, the iPhone 11 was predicted to be Apple’s most popular iPhone of its then-flagship series, and for a good reason. It was the follow-up to Apple’s iPhone XR, which was unsurprisingly one of its most successful phones of 2019. By offering all the essential features people want with few compromises, the cheaper phone […]

Realme 9i Review: Ready to Compete with Snapdragon 680

Realme 9i Review

Realme 9i is one of the devices targeting the middle-class segment. This phone is part of the Realme 9 Series family, one of the members we tested about a month ago. This article belongs to realme 9i review. Over the past few days, many testing activities on the Realme 9i included camera testing, testing with […]

What Is 4G Technology – The Ultimate Guide

what is 4g technology and how it works

Most of us have heard of the 3G technology used in most cell phones today. But did you know that there is a 4G technology? and do you know What is 4G technology? In this article, I will go over all the details of 4G technology and how it works. It is an absolute must-read if […]

Vivo X Fold Heavy Configuration Announced

Earlier, vivo officially announced that it would hold a new product launch conference on April 11, and Vivo’s first folding screen flagship – vivo X Fold, will also debut formally. Today, vivo announced the screen specifications of vivo X Fold for the first time on the official website’s appointment interface, which shows that this folding screen […]