Huawei P50 Series Evaluation

Huawei P50 series evaluation

The seasons have always been a topic of interest. It’s also become a matter of history as we have gone through the seasons and learned more about them. The Huawei P50 series has launched three new colours, Danxia Orange, Yunjin White, and Galaxy Blue, to interpret the colours of spring for users.

Danxia orange represents the sunset, red light, orange light, and yellow light penetrate the atmosphere, and the sky is dyed orange; Yunjinbai represents the brightness of the day, the clouds scattered the sunrise, and the soft morning white is full of vitality and creates surprises At any moment, the sunny colour scheme can make people feel happy all day long; Galaxy Blue represents the night, the sunset and the moonrise, the galaxy is bright, lying on the grass, and the eyes are full of distance.

Huawei P50

As the representative of the aesthetic flagship, the Huawei P series will use new colour matching to shorten the distance with users, showing Huawei’s unique understanding of colour. The grass green of the P10 series, the aurora colour of the P20 series, the sky realm of the P30 series, and the frosted silver of the P40 series have become classics among the classics. 

On the P50 series released last year, Huawei took the lead in creating the colours of Snowy White, Yaojin Black, Dawn Powder, and Cocoa Tea Gold, and then brought two dreamy dynamic colours of Ripple Cloud Wave and Wei Lan Haohai.

Design pushed to new heights. In addition, in addition to these colour matching, Huawei also brought three spring colour matching in one breath, bringing the romantic atmosphere of spring to every user.

 Next, let’s look at this new colour matching P50 series.

Take it from the spring, and it is better than the spring.

 What colour is spring? Maybe most people will say green. Indeed, green is very representative when everything recovers in spring, and some manufacturers will also launch green mobile phones.

However, as the beginning of the four seasons, spring also represents the years’ rotation. After experiencing the short days and long nights of winter, spring further prolongs the days and gradually fades the nights, and as the temperature rises, people are more willing to go out.

Huawei P50 series evaluation

Huawei P50 series Danxia orange colour matching with sunset colour gives people infinite hope, and every time you see it, you can be inspired. Although the Danxia orange colour matching is not the first time it has appeared on Huawei products, Huawei launched this colour matching as early as the Mate 30 series in 2019. 

Today, Danxia orange appears on the P series products for the first time. The introduction of plain leather and glass-ceramic has fully collided technology and colour, meeting the diversified needs of consumers in terms of feel and look. 

As far as spring wear is concerned, orange will become a very conspicuous embellishment, eye-catching. From the intuitive point of view, the Danxia orange of the P50 series will be more moisturizing than the previous Danxia orange of the Mate series. 

It is more suitable for the positioning of the P series, which is ideal for female users.

The colour of cloud brocade and white is extraordinary in the ordinary, and a blueprint belonging to the Chinese pattern design is woven with plain white leather. 

For the basic leather products on the market, we may have seen orange and cyan, but rarely white. Huawei P50 series boldly introduces the high-grade elegance of silk into mobile phones. 

Compared with the traditional white glass design, plain leather and glass ceramics present a lighter feel and a more comfortable grip. For fashionistas, white is always versatile, and it will never go out of style. When you hold Yunjin White in your hand, you feel that this white is not a common white but a soft morning white with a restrained and warm temperament. Many people around you have already planted this colour scheme.

Huawei P50 ahead

It is not difficult to see from the naming that the two colours of Danxia orange and Yunjin white in the P50 series are not only the plain leather material and stunning colour matching, but also the nano-ceramic glass material used in the two-colour matching mobile phones, which crystallizes the strength in the glass structure.

Higher nano-crystals make the body’s anti-drop ability increase by 5 times. At the press conference, Huawei’s official demonstration video fell on the marble floor from 4 meters. It was intact, which also gave many people the choice to use bare metal with confidence.

 The star river blue colour scheme uses deep blue to give people endless space for imagination. Looking at the galaxy is like being in a sea of stars. Holding it in your hand can calm people and face the unknown of the road ahead.

As mentioned earlier, the new colours launched by the Huawei P50 series are more than colours because Huawei does not colour on the common bright glass and introduces plain leather and frosted glass, giving the P50 series a new vitality. 

Just like the characteristics of plain leather, it has a better feel than glass and metal materials, and we can feel the warmth of the leather when we use it every day. 

The trouble of the “fingerprint collector” made of glass has also been well resolved on the plain leather version of the phone. 

At the same time, the plain leather material also breaks the status quo that many users install mobile phone cases after buying mobile phones and eliminates a layer of barriers between products and users.

Galaxy Blue’s frosted glass back cover, like frosted crystals, looks very shiny and delicate to the touch. In terms of design ideas, it is similar to the crystal diamond white of the Huawei P50 Pocket, but it has its personality. Thanks to the “frost frost” design, it also has the characteristics of not being stained with fingerprints. Compared with the traditional AG glass, it is purer, and the look and feel presented under the light is also different.

Primary colour image, what you see is what you get.

 On the P50 series, Huawei introduced the concepts of “computational optics” and “primary colour engine” for the first time. While solving the loss of aberration, it also uses the XD Fusion Pro is the primary colour engine to simulate the colour perception of the human eye.

The software, hardware and debugging capabilities truly restore colours, realizing the effect of what you see is what you get.

 I have been using this product for half a year after the release of the P50 series, and its accurate colour reproduction can save you a lot of post-production work. Sometimes when I want to take pictures, I will unconsciously take out the Huawei P50 Pro to take photographs, which may be the most natural conditioned reflex brought to users by its image charm.

What should spring be like? As the outing season, it is natural to be sunny and sunny, the sky is high, and the clouds are clear, flowers and green grasses have “broken cocoons”, showing the most beautiful posture of life. In the proofs, the restoration of the colour of the flowers is “comfortable”, and the colour performance is relaxed, neither thick nor light, and the colour seen by the naked eye is truly restored.

Thanks to the computational optics capabilities and super zoom unit of the Huawei P50 Pro, it can achieve a maximum zoom range of 200 times. The AIS Pro’s awesome anti-shake technology can produce unexpected results. When we can’t get close to some beautiful birds, we can still use the super zoom capability of the Huawei P50 Pro to shoot birds.

Huawei P50 ahead photo

In daily life, it is quite normal to use a mobile phone to take portraits, which is a test of the ability of mobile phones to restore human skin colour.

Thanks to the primary colour engine, Huawei P50 Pro can most realistically and accurately restore skin colour, makeup, and environmental colours. For ladies, the original camera of the P50 series can also take good photos.

Night shooting is also the advantage of the Huawei P50 Pro. Thanks to the XD Fusion ultra-dynamic range technology does a very good job suppressing highlights, and neither wall nor ground lamps have been overexposed. 

On the whole, the picture clarity is very high, and there is no smear and noise, which is an important relationship with the XD Fusion super filter system.

HarmonyOS blessing, more intelligent interconnection

 If the great appearance of the Huawei P50 series makes you want to know it, then the HarmonyOS 2 it carries makes you start to rely on it. The full-scene intelligent interconnection capability brought by HarmonyOS 2 seems to open the terminal for you. A door to interconnection, open the door and see a new world.

On the Huawei P50 series desktop, you can generate a universal card by sliding the APP icon up. Some application information can be obtained directly without entering the APP itself, which is clear at a glance. And with the continuous evolution of service capabilities, HarmonyOS 2 can now set service card combinations, which is interesting and practical.

On the Huawei P50 series, HyperTerminal seems to be a key to opening the door to interconnection. Just drag and drop the device to complete the collaboration with PCs, mobile phones, tablets, headphones and other devices, which is simple and efficient. After the partnership, it is not only the integration of screens but also the integration of functions. 

You can directly answer calls from the mobile phone on the PC, and you can also swipe short videos on the mobile phone now on the PC screen. There are many ways to play. Of course, the file transfer after the collaboration between the mobile phone and the PC will become simpler for business people, and it can be done by dragging and dropping.

write at the end

 Since its release on July 29 last year, the Huawei P50 series has been born for 8 months. During these 8 months, we have seen countless blockbusters of time taken by the P50 series, perhaps humanistic. 

It is natural scenery, and the unique video experience is highly praised. At the same time, in the past 8 months, the P50 series has also been updating the colour matching, from the original Snow White, Yaojin Black, etc., to the current Danxia Orange, Yunjin White, and Galaxy Blue. The P50 series has accompanied many people through the cold winter and came to the spring. 

There have been times of happiness and sadness in the days of getting along day and night, but every time I see the dawn in the morning, it always inspires people to forge ahead.

 The continuous update of the Huawei P50 series is also in response to Yu Chengdong’s words, “work together, cross the cold winter, and welcome the spring flowers together”.


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