Realme 9i Review: Ready to Compete with Snapdragon 680

Realme 9i Review

Realme 9i is one of the devices targeting the middle-class segment. This phone is part of the Realme 9 Series family, one of the members we tested about a month ago. This article belongs to realme 9i review.

Over the past few days, many testing activities on the Realme 9i included camera testing, testing with third-party benchmark apps, fast charging testing, and gaming experience testing.

Check out the realme 9i review.  


The Realme 9i measures 164.4 mm in length and 75.7 mm in width. A smartphone with a thickness of 8.4 mm weighs less than two ounces, 190 grams.

With the weight and dimensions mentioned, this Realme cellphone feels quite comfortable to hold. Material with a glossy finish wraps the back of this phone. There are three camera lenses on the upper-left rear body and one flash.

Realme 9i Review & Design

On the right side of the Realme 9i phone, there is a fingerprint sensor embedded at the same time on the power button. On the left side, there are volume buttons: a Type-C Port, a 3.5 mm audio port, and a microphone on the phone’s bottom.


realme 91 Screen

Realme 9i carries an LCD-type screen with a span of 6.6 inches and a ratio to the body that reaches 90.8 percent.

The brightness level of this phone screen can reach a maximum of 480nit. In our experience, this brightness is good enough for outdoor use but not for conditions under high sun exposure.

The screen with FHD + resolution on the Realme 9i is combined with a refresh rate of up to 90Hz and a touch sampling rate of 180Hz.

The company provides an adaptive option that allows the phone to adjust the refresh rate according to its running application.

ealme 91 Screen1

The adaptive ability on the screen is arguably one of the mandatory features for upper-middle-class phones, mainly to save battery power.

Realme 9i Review: The Processor

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 is the runway for the Realme 9i, and the unit we tested had 6/128GB of RAM and ROM. Please note that Snapdragon 680 is manufactured with 6nm fabrication.

Theoretically, the performance of this chipset is 25 percent better for the CPU aspect and 10 percent better for the GPU aspect than the previous generation. In addition, this chipset also offers a performance increase of up to 25 percent better for the AI ​​aspect.

We tested the Realme 9i on AnTuTu Benchmark three times, and the best final score achieved by the smartphone was 282,904. The details are 81,955 for CPU, 50,266 for GPU, 68,320 for MEM, and 81,553 for UX. 

realme 91 Processor

Compared to Realme 9, the score achieved by Realme 9i is around ten thousand, of which Realme 9 has an accumulative score of 292,467. During the test, the temperature of the Realme 9i was relatively stable, with an increase of only 1.5 degrees Celsius, from initially 33.8 to 35.3 degrees. 

realme 91 Processor1

In addition, we also tested the Realme 9i to play Call of Duty Mobile and Asphalt 9. For Call of Duty Mobile, we set the Low Graphics Quality setting with a High Frame Rate.

So far, according to our experience playing Ranked Match, the temperature is relatively stable during the game.

realme 91 asphalt 9

Meanwhile, for Asphalt 9, this smartphone supports High Graphic Quality settings. Our experience also shows that temperature stability is quite good as long as we play several races to claim Rewards in Daily Events.



Realme_9i Camera

Here are some shots of the Realme 9i camera lens in various scenarios.

Magnification up to 5 Times

Realme 9i supports digital zoom ( digital zoom ) up to 10 times. But according to our tests, Magnification up to 10 times does not produce good shots.

Meanwhile, 2x Magnification is quite good, and 5x is still within reasonable limits.


In the scenario of taking portrait photos, the bokeh effect that the Realme 9i produces is quite good, even when the background of the main object is very crowded and irregular though.


For taking macro photos, Realme 9i allows users to take pictures of objects from a distance of 4cm. As a result, the sensor is fast enough to focus on the main thing.


The Nightscape feature on the Realme 9i will be handy for taking photos in lowlight and night conditions.

The most striking thing about this feature is its ability to produce quite slick colors. In addition, the glow from the lamp on the object or around the object being shot is also handled well. Without Nightscape, the light in lowlight conditions radiates more “wild.”

Battery and Charging

realme 91 Battery and Charging
realme 91 Battery and Charging

The 5000mAh battery, combined with 33 Watt fast charging technology, is the power source for the Realme 9i.

We did a charging test in the AnTuTu Benchmark app. Our charging scenario is when the remaining battery capacity is 17 percent.

realme 91 Processor11

During the charging process that we did at 42:43, the maximum power that entered the Realme 9i was 22.3 Watts, and the capacity at the end of the test was 83 percent.

Average charging is in the range of 18.4 Watts and has a maximum temperature of 42.8 degrees Celsius. We think this charging is quite reliable.

Some of the default features of Realme 9i for this aspect are Super Power Saving Mode, Quick Freeze App, and Power Saving Mode.


Our test results show that the Realme 9i can show good performance for the size of a mid-range device.

Qualcomm’s latest generation Snapdragon runway, combined with 6/64 and 8/128GB RAM/ROM, should be able to meet daily needs.

Meanwhile, the camera lens and several photography features should also be sufficient for those who like to do mobile photography

In addition, other positive notes are 33 Watt fast charging and an adaptive refresh rate of up to 90Hz, which we also think should be available in the middle-class segment. 

Finally, we think this device can help Realme target a niche market in the mid-range segment.

Realme 9i Specification Summary



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