Realme GT Neo3 is Equipped with a 1000Hz Gaming Control Engine

Realme GT Neo3

Recently, the realme mobile phone officially started the warm-up of the realme GT Neo3, the world’s first 150W light-speed second charge, the first batch equipped with the Dimensity 8100 processor, and other selling points have attracted the attention of many netizens. On March 19, realme officially announced the latest features of the Realme GT Neo3, a 1000Hz gaming control engine, fast response, one step ahead of others, AI intelligent follow-up, and full firepower within milliseconds. Quickly resolve the embarrassment that the mirror shooting is not fast enough, and the team battle ultimate move is half a beat.

 In addition, Realme GT Neo3 has also passed multiple tests and certifications and has officially become the designated machine for the official competition of the 2022 King of Glory National Competition. VC area, liquid cooling, and extreme temperature control, it is the largest total heat dissipation area in the history of real mobile phones of 39606mm; equipped with the Dimensity 8100 5G flagship core, the energy efficiency ratio is excellent, and it supports the full-blooded version of LPDDR5+UFS3.1, and the performance of the three Musketeers is in place.

 In other respects, Realme GT Neo3 is also the first dual-core flagship, with an independent display chip, high frame experience, silky smoothness, low power consumption and increased battery life, continuous output to show its strength, stable frame at full speed, and the “chainless” in the moment of a fierce battle. On March 22, the real GT Neo3 will be officially released, and those who need to change phones recently can pay attention to this trendy gaming flagship.

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