Samsung Galaxy A30 – Full Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy A30 - full smartphone review

An 8-core Exynos 7904 processor powers the Samsung Galaxy A30. The display and battery life are good and cost about $286. Samsung’s flagship offerings are still popular with those with a lot of money, but at the same time, the company has not been as competitive in the budget segment of the market.

That started to change this year as Samsung appears to have developed a new Galaxy M and Galaxy A series phones program, and up to six new models have been released in the past few weeks. The Samsung Galaxy A50 and Galaxy M30 performed well in our tests, and we think both phones are worth considering. Today we’re going to address the Galaxy A30 smartphone, which is cheaper than the Galaxy A50. It has two rear cameras instead of three and a less powerful processor. Samsung Galaxy A30 and Galaxy M30 overlap in terms of specs and price. We’ll be curious to see how they compare and whether it makes sense to buy this model compared to the Galaxy M30 and the rest of the competition.

Design and display Samsung Galaxy A30

The Galaxy A30 is a great phone to take with you, even if you have big hands. Samsung has maximized the front of the phone using a large 6.4-inch display with narrow bezels. The chin area is wider than the other sides, but this is not very noticeable. The Samsung Galaxy A30 has an Infinity-U, Full HD + display like the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy M30. It’s also a Super AMOLED panel, which means the colours are vibrant, and everything from images to text is displayed well. Gorilla Glass or any other form of armoured glass is not mentioned here, but the display has proven to be quite scratch resistant when using this phone.

samsung galaxy a 30 mobile price Buttons and back

Buttons and back

The glossy sides and back look nice but also easily attract stains and fingerprints. The phone is pretty thin, but still, the grip is good enough. The buttons on the right have the same glossy finish as the rest of the pages. The SIM tray accepts two nano-SIM cards and one microSD card (up to 512 GB). The speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, and USB Type-C port are at the bottom. The back of the Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone has slightly tapered edges, which makes it look neat. The back looks like glass but is made of plastic. With daily use, it is not exposed to abrasion, but stronger impacts can leave permanent marks. In our opinion, the fingerprint sensor is too high, and we had to stretch our index finger or shuffle the phone in our hand from time to time to reach it. Fingerprint recognition is fast enough, but the sensor placement isn’t very good.

Face recognition and Samsung Galaxy A30 kit

You have the option of using face recognition instead of or in addition to using the fingerprint scanner. Still, it is not very fast, even in good lighting. There’s no wake-up gesture, so you’ll have to double-tap the screen to wake it up.

 Face recognition and Samsung Galaxy A30 kit

The screen will brighten to brighten your face in low light, but detection is still slow in the complex. You get a silicone case; a SIM eject tool, a power adapter with adaptive fast charging, a USB Type-C cable and a headset. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A30 is a well-built phone that looks decent even with its plastic case. It comes in various colours, and we have a black version for our test, although it looks more grey than black.

Processor and sensors

The Samsung Galaxy A30 has the same processor as the Galaxy M30, an 8-core Samsung Exynos 7904. There is only one version of this phone with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Samsung hasn’t gone into details on the phone’s specs on its website. Still, with some diagnostic apps for Android, we know that it has WiFi, Bluetooth, gyroscope, hall sensor, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, compass, GPS, FM radio and USB OTG.

Samsung Galaxy A30 software

In contrast to the Galaxy M30, the Galaxy A30 runs on the new user interface from Samsung, which is based on Android 9 Pie. The smartphone we tested had a relatively new security patch in February 2019. We’ve already seen a user interface in action in the past few phones like the Galaxy A50, and the functionality is pretty similar.

By default, the icons on the home screen are too big. However, It can be easily fixed by choosing a denser grid for the home screen and app bar. You can even enable the one-finger swipe gesture on the home screen to lessen the notification shadow. It is very useful as it is virtually impossible to get to the very top of the screen with one hand.

The Galaxy A30 has a dual camera and a fingerprint sensor on the back

Pre-installed apps and settings

The phone supports Samsung Pay Mini – a stripped-down version that only allows for customizations, UPI accounts, gift cards and payment wallets. That being said, Android Pie supports digital wellbeing, which is good to see. There are several motion gestures that you can activate, like One-Handed Mode, Smart Stay, and more. The Galaxy A30 also has several pre-installed apps, including Dailyhunt and Amazon Shopping, that you can uninstall when you don’t need them. When we first used the phone, we received a lot of unsolicited promotional offers from the Galaxy Apps Store even before we even opened the app.

However, once you have done the initial setup of the Samsung apps, you can opt-out of receiving this information. When setting up your phone, you need to be careful before hitting the final “Done” button, as there will be a check box in the lower right to disable IronSource promotions. It is a clever way of getting ads forwarded to the user, which is a little disappointing when it comes from Samsung. You also get Samsung Max, a reborn Opera Max VPN that lets you browse the web safely. Other programs like Calculator, Samsung Notes, etc., are optional and may not need to be installed when you first set up your phone.


We found that the Galaxy A30 performs well with regular chat and productivity apps. However, this isn’t the smoothest experience as there is always some slowdown when using some parts of the UI. We saw this when we went to the Bixby home screen, tried to open the gallery after taking a photo, and even just opened the latest carousel to switch between apps. The good news is that the phone doesn’t get very hot. The phone becomes very warm when the processor and graphics card are charged, like when playing PUBG Mobile. Other than that, the phone didn’t overheat even after a series of photos and videos outdoors.

Galaxy A30 rear camera added

The Exynos 7904 does a great job with games, but we had to lower the graphics settings in heavier games to get smoother frame rates. Asphalt 9: Legends and PUBG Mobile ran smoothly after lowering the graphics settings slightly.

Sound quality

The sound output from the speaker is rather weak. The volume was particularly low in the games we tested, but even in other apps like YouTube, it wasn’t loud enough, even in a quiet room. While the speaker position is good, it is difficult to block when you hold your phone in landscape orientation.

The included headset doesn’t look great, but the sound quality is surprisingly good. You can enable Dolby Atmos for both wired and Bluetooth headphones, which slightly increases the audio level and the spatial separation. There’s no notification LED, but you can configure the always-on display to show the time and unread notifications thanks to the Super AMOLED display.

Backup camera

The Galaxy A30 has a 16-megapixel main camera with an f / 1.7 aperture and a secondary 5-megapixel wide-angle camera without autofocus. Just like the Galaxy S10 +, the camera app offers a scene optimization mode. This mode automatically detects objects and adjusts the exposure accordingly.

We found that it slightly increases the brightness of the colour and makes the texture a little softer, which is not always necessary. The landscapes had pretty good detail, and with the wide-angle sensor, you can get a lot more of the scene in the frame. There is little distortion when using a wide-angle camera, and the details are not as good as when shooting with the main camera due to the lack of autofocus. The macros we got with good lighting had good details and colours. The edges were sharp and well defined, which was easy to see. Despite the large aperture, the landscapes were blurry in poor lighting conditions, and there was a lack of detail.

The noise was well beaten, but overall the photos taken in low light were quite disappointing. It was even worse when we switched to a wide-angle sensor in low light. The macros did a little better but were still below average. The Samsung camera app has typical modes like Panorama, Pro and Live Focus, representing Samsung’s portrait mode. In the latter mode, you can adjust the amount of background blur before and after the shot. Edge detection is good, and the Galaxy A30 receives it correctly most of the time. In low light conditions, however, images captured with live Focus looked inconsistent and lacked in detail.

The front camera and video recording

The front camera has 16 megapixels, the front camera has an aperture of f / 2.0 and did an excellent job in daylight. Selfies were a little soft for our tastes, but the colours were good, and HDR worked well when taking photos outdoors. There is Live Focus here too, but the edge detection is not that good. In poor lighting conditions, self-portraits lacked good details with visible grain. The Galaxy A30 can record videos up to Full HD resolution with good quality, but the lack of stabilization is disappointing. When moving, the video often looks shaky and unusable.
Continuous autofocus isn’t very fast, and we noticed a noticeable lag when the camera focused on a different subject. You can also record video with a wide-angle camera, but the details are poor, there is no stabilization, and the footage looks grainy in low light. The camera app has AR emojis that are fun to experiment with.

Battery life

The 4,000 mAh battery is one of the strengths of the Galaxy A30. In our battery test, it lasted 15 hours and 8 minutes, which is way above average. Thanks to daily use, which usually included a few calls, a few games, and chat and social apps, we could easily get through a full day on a single charge. It comes with a quick charger that can charge the battery to around 70 per cent in an hour, which is not bad.


Samsung’s new strategy seems to steer all new developments towards consumer satisfaction. Unfortunately, we don’t think the Galaxy A30 is the most successful of the many recently launched smartphones. Aside from good battery life, a Super AMOLED display, and decent build quality, little stands out at the $ 245 price point. The 6 GB RAM variant of the Galaxy M30, which is available for just $ 230, offers better camera performance, a larger battery, more RAM, and more storage space despite using an older version of Android.

Or you can save $ 30 and get the Galaxy M30 variant with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The Galaxy A30’s processor isn’t competitive enough for this price point when phones like the Oppo K1 and Redmi Note 7 Pro offer much better app and gaming performance. The Galaxy A30’s cameras are another disappointment. They take normal photos in good light, but their performance is significantly reduced in low light. In the end, we’d recommend choosing either the Samsung Galaxy M30 or more powerful offerings like the Oppo K1 or the Redmi Note 7 Pro instead of the Galaxy A30.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Samsung A30?

As of early 2019, Samsung has announced a surprisingly large number of smartphones, including the budget M-series, the premium mid-range A-series, and the flagship S-series. The Korean giant has finally taken the plunge to reclaim its lost market share to its spate of Chinese phone makers, and the Galaxy A30 fits that picture right.

What is the battery capacity of a Samsung Galaxy A30?

Samsung Galaxy A30s Android smartphone. Announced August 2019. With 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, Exynos 7904 chipset, 4000 mAh battery, 128 GB memory, 4 GB RAM, unspecified.

When will the Samsung A30 be released?

The A30 with the Android 9.0 “Pie” software was presented on February 25, 2019, together with the Samsung Galaxy A10 and the Samsung Galaxy A50 at the Mobile World Congress. It was released a month later, on March 2, 2019.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A30 Right for You?

If your smartphone use revolves around social media, phone calls, and general everyday use, the Galaxy A30 should be for you. The Exynos 7904 on board is powerful enough, and Samsung did an excellent job connecting the software to the hardware.

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