Samsung Galaxy S22 Wireless Charging: How Fast Will it Be?

Wireless Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with 15W wireless charging capabilities. But how will the Samsung Galaxy S22 wireless charging speeds compare? Let’s find out.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will get a February launch and release date, but, oddly enough, not 2/22/22. If I were in Samsung’s marketing division, I would have insisted on this date simply because it would look fabulous on marketing materials. Who doesn’t like to play numbers, after all?

As you’re probably well aware, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is shaping up to be an update. There will be three phones, as usual, with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra topping the line. All of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 phones will also, for the first time, run Qualcomm chips in all regions.

There’s talk of a redesign, new cameras, and even the inclusion of native S-Pen support. All good things, to be sure. But what about the wireless charging capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S22? How fast will it be in 2022? Will it improve the relatively paltry 21W wireless charging speeds of the Samsung Galaxy S15? Let’s do some digging.

Samsung Galaxy S22 wireless charging speeds

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is not official yet, so nothing is certain. But if FFC records are anything to go by – and they usually are – then it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature 25W wireless charging, which means it’ll have 10W of extra power over that. To the Samsung Galaxy S21. Not bad, but still a far cry from some of its Chinese counterparts.

It’s nice that Samsung addresses its wireless charging speeds, but it’s still massively behind brands like OPPO, OnePlus, and Xiaomi – they’re all pushing 30W to 50W Wireless Charging. And on much cheaper phones, no less. Still, at least Samsung is now well ahead of its main rival, Apple, regarding wireless charging speeds.

Why are Apple and Samsung lagging behind brands like OPPO and OnePlus? It has a lot to do with how many people use wireless chargers. Take me, for example; I have a phone capable of 50W wireless charging. But I don’t use it much, preferring to charge my phone once a day via its cable (usually overnight).

Apple and Samsung don’t care about wireless charging.

I guess Apple and Samsung did their respective market research and came to the same conclusion: almost no one uses wireless charging, so why bother pushing the boundaries when it comes to charging speeds? If so, that would explain why the two biggest phone brands in the world don’t seem too worried about the technology.

You are taking things a step further. You will need to purchase an actual wireless charging pad to perform wireless charging. These cost money. And if you have a cable, most people – myself included – wouldn’t mind the extra expense to be able to charge their phone without a cable. I mean, it’s not that fast anyway.

I think Samsung – and Apple – are more focused on developing their hardware and specs. For these brands, performance and brand appeal – something that comes from the practical design and great software – is more important than arbitrary “upgrades” like wireless charging speeds. It is also why Apple has dragged on waterproofing its iPhones for so long.

Either way, we won’t have too long to wait. The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be official in February and will almost certainly be available for purchase before the end of the month. 

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