Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro hands-on

Vivo X80 & X80 Pro hands-on with real camera photos

Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro hands-on (with real camera photos)

In this post we take a look at the Vivo X80 and X80 Pro, two new smartphones from Vivo, which come with a 6.7-inch 1080p display and are powered by MediaTek chipsets.

Let’s get to these two phones directly.


vivo X80/Pro design comparison

Regarding the design, we have the volume rocker and power key on the right side. The keys feel solid and great. Both phones have this aluminum alloy middle frame. On the top, we can see “Professional photography”, of course it is.

You can check those images in this article. And then are the infrared blaster and noise-canceling mic, if we take a closer look, the layout of these two elements on the two phones are different. It’s interesting to know that, to be honest. Moving to the left, nothing there. Then at the bottom, we have the type-c port, noise-canceling mic, SIM card slot, and a speaker. Two phones support dual stereo sound.

Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro hands-on
vivo X80 & X80 Pro

vivo X80 & X80 Pro hands-on

Specs walkthrough

Alright, now moving to the specs. For the front panel, both phones feature a 6.78-inch Samsung E5 AMOLED, 1,500 nits peak brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and 120Hz refresh rate.

But there is one difference, which the Pro supports refresh rate adjustments ranging between 1Hz and 120Hz as we can see from the top left corner, while the vanilla version doesn’t, it’s either 60Hz or 120Hz, so that should be less power efficient than the Pro.

vivo X80 & X80 Pro hands-on speaker

In case you want to know more differences between the two, for the yellow leather Pro version the thickness is 9.1mm and weight is 215grams, for the other two colors of the Pro the weight is 219grams, which is 4 grams heavier, guess that leather material made the phone lighter.

While for the black and GREEN vanilla X80, it’s 8.3mm thickness and 206grams weight, for the yellow leather is 8. 78mm, slightly thicker but with a lighter 203grams weight. I will just list them on the screen in case you get confused or you don’t care anyway.


The battery is different as well, the Pro has 4,700 mAh battery while the X80 has a slightly smaller 4,500mAh battery and misses on the wireless charging, both phones come with 80W fast wired charging though. For other specs, both phones have the same 4Gigs RAM expansion, vivo’s in-house V1+ ISP chip, and 32MP front camera.


Anyway, moving to the rear camera. I will list the detailed specs of the two on the screen, you can check it out. Before I show you more photo samples, here are the differences we found between the two cameras. The standard X80 only supports 20x digital zoom while the Pro supports up to 60x zoom. Here is an example of that crazy 60x zoom.

vivo X80 & X80 Pro hands-on rear camera

And one difference is the Pro supports 8K video recording. But I have a question, do you really record footage in 8K? My computer can’t even run 8K footage. Oh, we tried to compare the App opening speed there since the two have different chipsets. We found the Snapdrago 8Gen 1 Pro version is a bit faster, but one sad thing is the Snapdragon has a worse thermal control.

So our first impression is, if you want an IP68 waterproofing, a periscope lens that lets you take further photos, or wireless charging supported phone, go to the Pro version. If not, then the vanilla X80.

Rear camera photos of the vivo X80 Pro

Finally, about the camera samples. Since I’m going to make a separate seprate article, so here I will just share some original photos took by the X80 Pro and you decide if they are any good, I will not judge. One thing we are really impressed by the X80 Pro is its night photos, it can even take photos in an extremely dark environment and check those details on the photo, incredible!

vivo X80 & X80 Pro hands-on camera


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