Vivo Y33s Review: 5000mAh Large Battery Looks Good

vivo Y33s review 5000mAh large battery looks good

Today, when large screens and large batteries have become standard, the weight of smartphones seems to be getting heavier and heavier, which affects the grip and affects the daily user experience. Here is Vivo Y33s Review

But in Vivo’s view, a large battery and a good feel should be combined in a mobile phone. Even a mobile phone with a large 5000mAh battery should feel light and good. Recently, vivo officially launched the new Y series Y33s. This mobile phone is positioned at a thousand yuan, but it has the excellent genes of other vivo product lines, especially appearance and battery life; there are many bright spots in this price range.

vivo Y33s review

 This time, the vivo Y33s adopts a waterdrop screen design, and a 6.51-inch screen is used on the front of the fuselage. This screen has a contrast ratio of 1500:1 and a maximum brightness of 460nit, which is in line with our expectations. Of course, it is also because of the limitation of the price segment that the width of the chin of the vivo Y33s is slightly wider.

vivo Y33s is slightly wider

 Of course, as a Y series product, the new Y33s continues the design idea of light, thin and portable. A large 5000mAh battery is stuffed into the 8.2 5mm, 185g body. In daily use, we hardly need to worry about its battery life.

vivo Y33s battery life

 The vivo Y33s “First Snow Morning” color scheme is quite literary in terms of its name. Through the multi-dimensional grating pattern design, it has both crystal clear glitter and diamond-colored rays. It will show different looks and feel at different angles, and it looks younger and can still be played in terms of appearance.

vivo Y33s color matching

 In terms of ID design, vivo Y33s also adopts the current mainstream Founder body, and the 8.25mm body feels familiar and thin. Of course, this phone also uses the classic fingerprint recognition + power combo button, and there is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom. It can be said that there are quite a few.

vivo Y33s adopts side fingerprint recognition design

 The position of the imaging system is a 13-megapixel dual camera, which is sufficient in terms of parameters. And this phone also has Vivo’s imaging algorithm. For example, when shooting at night, through multi-frame noise reduction, the picture can be brightened, the noise can be optimized, and a clear image can be obtained. In scenes with more complex lighting, the HDR intelligent imaging mode of vivo Y33s can also retain the information of the bright and dark parts of the picture, allowing the image to show more details.

vivo Y33s adopts rear dual camera

Shot with vivo Y33s

Shot with vivo Y33s1

 If you like taking selfies, the Y33s can also satisfy you. The screen soft halo of the vivo flagship model has appeared before, and it has also come to the Y33s, which can also take brighter and more natural photos when taking low-light selfies. At the same time, vivo Y33s also supports video beautification in third-party apps to ensure that users can present a better self according to their preferences during video calls.

picture with vivo Y33s1

 The fluency of the mobile phone will also determine the experience of a mobile phone. This time, the vivo Y33s uses the Dimensity 700 processor, which can meet some daily usage scenarios. The Dimensity 700 adopts the leading 7nm process technology and supports dual-mode 5G dual-card dual standby. If you have two 5G cards in your hand, you can also achieve double 5G network presence.

 If you like to play games, the superconducting liquid cooling system of Y33s can also help you reduce the temperature of the whole machine. It has a 11215 square millimeter PGS graphite heat sink inside, 40% larger than the previous generation model. With thermal conductive gel and high thermal conductivity copper foil, Cooling Turbo intelligent thermal management system, etc., it can ensure the stability of the game process at all times.


 In addition, vivo also provides a storage combination of up to 8GB+128GB for this phone, and through memory fusion technology, it can achieve a large memory of up to 12GB. It will not be stuck when running multiple apps. Of course, if you want to save more photos and movies, you can use another TF card, which uses three card slots to choose from, and supports an additional memory card expansion, so you don’t have to worry about running out of capacity.

 In addition to hardware, a mature and smooth operating system can also improve our experience. Y33s adopts Vivo’s latest OriginOS Ocean. The efficient “Hua Rong Grid” desktop architecture system and the new “Atomic Components” bring a more beautiful, concise, and personalized operating experience and significantly improve the whole system. Competitiveness of mobile phones.

With the blessing of OriginOS Ocean, vivo Y33s also has exclusive functions for elderly users and children. For example, the simple mode and emergency call for elderly users, “young guardian,” and “vision protection” for children have also greatly expanded the functional group of this mobile phone.

 To sum up, it is pretty appropriate, the vivo Y33s with the words “good-looking, easy to use and long-lasting battery life.” It has a pretty good feel and a large 5000mAh battery. The most important thing is that it looks good, and with the blessing of OriginOS, it is enough to meet the daily needs of different consumers. If you are going to buy a thousand yuan new phone, vivo Y33s is an excellent new choice.

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