What is Mobile Caching? See What it’s for and How to Clean it.

What is Mobile Caching – why it’s essential, and how to clean it up for optimal performance. Get the lowdown on how mobile caching works and why you must stay on top to keep your mobile device running smoothly. Find out everything you need to know about mobile caching now!

Mobile phone caching are application and browser files temporarily stored on the iPhone ( iOS ) and Android. They work as a fast memory to speed up access to cell phone services since, with the data saved, the smartphone does not need to download files again. 

Thus, apps are loaded faster, and mobile data is protected. However, these files occupy the device’s storage; therefore, clearing the cache of browsers and applications can be a good solution for those who are out of space on their cell phone.

Applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook tend to store more cache than other services because they present content that needs to be constantly loaded – such as previously viewed Stories or a recently viewed feed photo. The cache of Google Chrome and Safari browsers also stores information. 

In the following tutorial, see how to clear the cache on iPhone and Android devices. The step-by-step was performed on a Motorola E6s with Android 9 and an iPhone 8 with iOS 14.

How to Clear Chrome’s Cache on Android

Step 1. With the Google Chrome browser open, tap on the three vertical dots. Then tap “History”;

How to Clear Chrome's Cache on Android

Step 2. To continue, tap “Clear Browsing Data”. Then tap on the “Cached images and files” box. Once that is done, tap on “Clear Data”;

Step 3. It is possible to deselect the main sites accessed by the browser. To do this, tap on the boxes. Then select “Clear” to clear browsing data.

How to Clear App Cache on Android

Step 1. In iPhone settings, tap “Apps & Notifications”. Then select “See all XX apps” to access all services installed on the cell phone;

How to Clear App Cache on Android

Step 2. Select the app you want to clear the cache and tap on it. Then go to “Storage”;

Step 3. Tap “Clear Cache” to finish the procedure.

How to Clear Safari’s Cache

Step 1. In Phone Settings, scroll down until you find “Safari” in the list of apps. Once that’s done, tap on the browser’s name. Then scroll down again and select “Clear History and Site Data”;

Step 2. To confirm clearing the cache in the browser, tap “Clear All”.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

The iPhone does not have a native feature to clear the app cache. Uninstalling an app in the phone’s settings, however, can free up the storage space used by the app, keeping your documents and data intact for when you want to reinstall the service at some point.

Step 1. Open Phone Settings and tap “General”. Then select “iPhone Storage”;

Step 2. Then select an app and tap on it. Once done, tap “Uninstall App.”

Step 3. Confirm the action by tapping “Uninstall App”.